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School[App] Features

Features you actually need, and you'll actually use.

Communication Toolkit

All the communication tools you need to create
the ultimate school app.

Multi-Media Toolkit

Every multi-media feature you can think of from galleries and videos to create an engaging app.

Administration Toolkit

Streamline administrative processes and keep things
simple with our Administration Toolkit

Standard App Features

Everything you would expect when creating an
app and nothing less.

Design Features

Make your app unique and reflect your school
brand through simple and easy to use design features.


Make it easy to get parents and students using your app and distribute on the App Store and Google Play


Our Revision Playlist is available on Music and Spotify

Studentnomic Music


Studentnomic Revision App

The FREE Revision App for SATs, GCSEs and A-Levels


We're excited to announce LIVE, our new free LIVE Webinars & Training for School[App]

LIVE Webinars & Training