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Our Mission is Very Simple

i. To share our expertise in app design with schools and educational institutions worldwide

- and -

ii. To make apps accessible to all schools and educational organisations

A Journey of Ingenuity

A brief look at our history.

16 October 2015

Studentnomic Founded

After months of work in the creation of the Studentnomic Revision App, Studentnomic was Co-Founded and launched on 16 October 2015 by Co-Founders, Tim Collins, Tom Dee and Ben Harland.

December 2015

Studentnomic Revision App

We launched the first Studentnomic Revision App making it easy to quickly find and access revision resources.

September 2016

Relaunched the Studentnomic Revision App

After successfully trialling the first version of the Studentnomic Revision app with great success, we relaunched with new features and rolled it out nationally.

June 2017

A Fantastic Year

After the 2017 exam series finish, we start work on a 'secret' upgrade to the Studentnomic Revision App. A fantastic year with over 2.5k users in less than 9 months and featuring by the BBC, TES and ICT in Education amongst others.

July 2017

Launched School[App]

After more than a year in development, we launch School[App], a platform making it easy for schools to create and manage their own apps.

Did you know?

Quirky facts about Studentnomic

  1. Company Name - our company name, Studentnomic, was inspired by a game we once came across called "Nomic". Invented in 1982 by philosopher Peter Suber, one of the rules made changing a rule a move (in this respect, it's a lot like us). 
  2. Truly Diverse - Studentnomic's team is made up of 5 nationalities, British, American, Canadian, Chilean and Swiss.
  3. Revision App - in its first year, being rolled out nationally, the Studentnomic Revision App gained over 2k users.

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