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We're Studentnomic, nice to meet to you.

Our Story

With one mission, our sole goal from the outset has been to create educational solutions with a student perspective. Our company name ‘Studentnomic’ was inspired by a game we once came across called ‘Nomic’. Invented in 1982 by philosopher Peter Suber, one of the rules of the game made changing the rules a move. In this respect, the game differed from almost every other game, much like Studentnomic differs from almost 

any other educational company. As a company, we’re often driven to succeed through innovation and a desire to create a solution which has only ever been imagined before. With the question “how is this going to make someone’s education better?” at the heart of everything we do, we’re proud to be the company putting education first and leading

the way to a more refined future. But those ideas come from a team which has a passion

and desire to advance education in a creative and entrepreneurial way. We’re firm believers that the key to successful solutions is simplicity, a simplicity which is industry changing, yet uniquely familiar. With a strong love for kaizen, we continually strive to improve our solutions and develop, ensuring that as a company we’ll always be leading the way in a more refined education.