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Clubs & Organisations

Apps are changing the world. Apps are changing our communities.


Our apps are a great way to bring communities together. From the latest news and events to an affordable way to bring together, apps are great for communities.

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Clubs & Organisations

From youth groups to local clubs quickly reach and keep members updated. Share the latest news and updates while also having a dedicated communication tool for your club.

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NGOs & Non-Profits

For NGOs and Non-Profits, we know it's important to share what you do, which is why our apps make it easy to share the news and communicate with stakeholders.

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Bring Communities Together

Apps for Communities

Reach and Inform your Local Community
- Reach your Community, Wherever, Whenever.

Wherever your community and whether a local parish council, village or a town we aim to help bring communities together using apps. Easily reach and inform people within your community wherever and whenever with the latest, events and news, right to alerts and warnings.

> Keep residents and locals up to date with the local news, events and more

> Instantly reach out to your community with notifications and messages

> No technical expertise needed with excellent support ready to help


Centralise your Club

Apps for Clubs and Groups

Centralise your Club
- Communicate and Engage Members

Whether you're a Scout or Youth Group or maybe even a local fitness group we know it's important to keep things centralised for members. Make an app the 'go-to-place' for members with direct communication channels and an easy way to keep members updated.

> Keep members informed with notifications and messages with built-in communication

> Share the latest updates from events and news, keeping your members in the loop

> No technical expertise needed with excellent support ready to help


Affordable Apps for NGOs

Apps for Non-Profits & NGOs

Share What You Do with an App
- Communicate and Share

Whether you're a non-profit or an organisation we know it's important to be able to easily share what you do with those who use and are involved with your organisation. That's why an app makes it easy to communicate and share what your organisation is all about.

> Quickly reach and communicate with built-in features including notifications and messages

> Make use of our multi-media features to share updates, events, pictures and more

> Our apps are designed to be affordable and effective with excellent support ready to help

The Important Stuff

Secure & GDPR Compliance

We know security and data protection is important, which is why we don't compromise on security and data safety.

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Guaranteed Apps

We take great pride in delivering top-of-the-class school apps which is why we guarantee all apps we design.

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From a complete onboarding process to fast and effective support, we're here to help whenever it's needed.

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Easily Update Content

We know things can change quickly, which is why it really helps when our apps allow you to update information in minutes so users always have the latest updates

Affordable & Reduce Costs

We take great pride in helping organisations to reduce costs with apps which is why we believe in fair pricing and never charge based on quotas or limit usage.

Intuitive by Design

Our founding expertise is in app design, and that's reflected in the apps we design. We take the time to consider your needs and design the best app for your users.

Making Apps Accessible

Our Pricing


£ 345 per year
  • Your App
  • No Quotas & Limits
  • All Features
  • Comprehensive Support

App Design

99 per app
  • Let us design your app with a tailored design and setup to best suit your needs. All  apps designed by us are guaranteed ensuring the very highest standards and quality.

App F.A.Qs

We charge an annual fee of £345 GBP to keep your app up and running. Once your app is live we take the view it's your app. We don't believe in placing quotas or usage limits so you'll never have to worry about any costs increasing.

Billed Annually
No Quotas/Usage Limits
Unlimited Users & Downloads
Save on Multiple Apps with Group Rates

We also offer an App Design service costing £99 GBP per app, which is inclusive of a comprehensive and tailored app, inclusive of any desired revisions.

If we design your app, we usually aim to have an initial design ready in fourteen (14) days and after that, we allow time to make any desired revisions and changes - on average allowing 3 to 4 weeks for an app design.

Once you're 100% happy with your app design we'll submit it to the App Store and Google Play for an app review (mandatory prior to publishing). This typically takes around 4-5 days but can take up to two weeks before your app is live in the app stores.

Any content changes you make to your app afterwards will update automatically to your app without requiring any additional app reviews, these changes are usually visible live within 15 minutes.

Apps are usually ready and published within 4 - 6 weeks
After your app is published, any future changes are visible to users within a few minutes - meaning updating your app is super easy

Find out how we can help.

Reach Out to the Team.

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