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Apps are changing the world.
Apps are changing schools.

School Apps offer the perfect way to make sure you meet Ofsted requirements for parental communication and engagement (not to mention boosting student interaction with school life).

These are becoming more and more common focus points for Ofsted, so we know just how important it is to make sure that you effectively meet objectives. School Apps can help you to fulfil Ofsted requirements by facilitating great communication.

Ofsted are Increasingly Focusing on Parental Engagement Levels

Ofsted is becoming increasingly more focused on parental engagement as a major area for school improvement, and also as a large deciding factor for many prospective parents. We believe that all schools and educational institutions should be able to access and provide great communication and parental engagement.

Unfortunately, many traditional solutions have constraints which make this increasingly harder for schools. Emails have notoriously low open rates with the average open rate for an email being just 24.79%, that means in a school with a thousand parents, just 250 parents could actively read your school's email correspondence.

SMS and text messages are convenient ways to send out messages and updates, but their cost often means that they aren't a primary choice for sending out reminders and quick notifications. 

A school mobile app changes that, with a dedicated app you can easily flag up any school correspondence and updates straight to parents with notifications and alerts. Quickly reach parents with important updates and alerts through push notifications with reminder's reaching a user straight on the devices they use most, whether a smartphone, iPad or a tablet.

Crucially though, School Apps lets you engage with parents and students alike in entirely new ways. Lead proactively in communication by sending out convenient updates and reminders without risk of incurring high costs while also making use of our vast range of features to keep parents informed and in-the-loop.

Connect with your social media accounts, integrate school photo galleries to make the latest pictures and media available to parents, share your school's news and achievements with a dedicated news stream, add files and more, making your app a true school hub for parental engagement.

When Ofsted inspections are on the horizon, you'll even have access to detailed analytics and statistical evidence providing a detailed summary of engagement levels with your school app.

Ofsted FAQs

Absolutely! Our built-in app analytics are there for you to use as proof to Ofsted and parents on school engagement. We'll show you everything you need from how many people are engaging in your app, the frequency and even how long.

School Communication

Send Push Notifications, Messages, Attachments and Alerts for Free with your School's Very Own Mobile App

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