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The Team Meet Sir Bob Geldof @ Bett 2017

By Studentnomic

The Team Meet Sir Bob Geldof

By Studentnomic posted February 2017

Studentnomic has always been about a vision to simplify and refine education for the better. We set out first to simplify the revision process for students, creating the first solution which aimed to bring everything a student needed to revise to one place before launching our latest solution, a communication platform which aims to help schools improve communication with students and parents.

At the Bett Show back in January we were honoured to meet the legendary Sir Bob Geldof not just the man behind the Christmas-hit "Feed the World" but also co-founder of the UK EdTech company GroupCall. We spoke at length about the problems students and schools currently face in education and how as a company we were dedicated to making a real difference.

"One of the fundamental flaws in education for any student approaching their exams is the accessibility of things to support their revision and learning. It's not that this isn't around, it's just not easy for a student to find." - Tim Collins, Co-Founder at Studentnomic

The Studentnomic app solves this for any student, whether at SATs, GCSE or even A-Levels and it wasn't hard for Bob Geldof to understand that what we had created was not just another revision app but indeed one which would help students where they needed it most.

"There's plenty of content already about, whether that's an eLearning video for Biology or maybe an exam paper, the trouble is some of it's good and quite a lot of it is bad. What Studentnomic does is filter the bad from the good." - Tom Dee, Co-Founder at Studentnomic

We didn't stop there, we've created a platform which also aims to enable schools to effectively communicate with students and parents. 

"Communication is something we find a lot of people drastically underestimate. In order to engage with students and encourage a proactive approach to education communication is key. Be it a quick reminder for Friday's non-uniform day or a quick message to congratulate everyone on their exams, whatever it is, we designed StudentNote to help schools communicate and engage with students and parents alike." - Ben Harland, Co-Founder at Studentnomic

So this is what we spoke to Sir Bob Geldof about, solving real, critical problems, that both schools and students face. And we ended with some truly inspirational words from him: "Just do it." Thanks Bob - we definitely will and we won't stop here.