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Features you actually need, and you'll actually use.

School[App] Features

Communication Toolkit

All the communication tools you need to create the ultimate school app and engagement tool. Learn more.

Multi-Media Toolkit

Every multi-media feature you can think of from galleries and videos to create an engaging app. Learn more.

Administration Toolkit

Streamline administrative processes and keep things simple with our Administration Toolkit. Learn more.

Standard App Features

School App includes everything you would expect when creating an app and stops at nothing less. Learn more.

Design Features

Make your app unique and reflect your school brand through simple and easy to use design features. Learn more.

Distribute & Publish

Make it easy to get parents and students using your app and distribute on the App Store and Google Play. Learn more.

Communication Toolkit

Push Notifications / Mailbox / Groups / User Notificiations

What We Love

Communication Toolkit has all the power and functionality to replace traditional communication systems such as text-messaging products, saving both time and money. Once more, because it all integrates into one place, you can streamline administration process and handle all communication aspects straight from your very own app.

Comms Made Easy

Built-into your School's Mobile App

Dedicated In-App Mailbox

Reach parents with ease, add attachments, allow replies all within your app.


Notifications & Alerts

Send quick notifications and alerts to users and flag up important messages.

Tools to Help

Schedule and configure your messages while making use of our comms features.

Communication Overview
Communication Toolkit is designed to make it easy to communicate and engage with both parents and students. Through an array of features, each uniquely adaptable to your school requirements we challenge the status-quo when it comes to communication.

Push Notifications
With push notifications, you can instantly send message and notifications straight to mobile devices via your very own app. Save the costs of text-message based solutions.

Mailbox makes it easy to send out messages to parents and students either individually or in bulk, plus you can also send attachments and enable two-way communication.

Notification Groups
Notification Groups is the perfect way to manage groups of users and segment notifications, set up different groups for everything from classes and activities to bus routes.

Individual Notifications
With individual notifications, you can also send notifications to specific users and different segments including through location filters.

Multi-Media Toolkit

Galleries / Videos / Audio / Social Media + More

What We Love

Multi-Media Toolkit is the perfect way to build a beautifully created and engaging app. The picture and video galleries are great for sharing highlights of everything from the year's school trips to the end-of-year summer production, and with audio, teachers are now discovering an entirely new way to make learning resources available to their students.

Engage Parents

Keep your Parents in-the-loop

Engagement Features

From galleries to news streams, you can easily share the latest news.

Sync with Social Media

Easily connect with your social media, automatically syncing news and media.

Android + iOS

Your app work on both iOS & Android, so your app works, wherever your parents do.

Multi-Media Overview
Our Multi-Media Toolkit makes it easy to create your app with everything from photo galleries and videos, to custom app screens and social integrations.

Pictures & Video Galleries
Create picture and video galleries straight in your app, you can also import videos through YouTube and Vimeo.

Perhaps you let your students download podcasts and sessions, or just want to make a lesson clip available to students. Our audio feature makes this super easy.

Social Media Integration
Connect and enable easy access straight to your school's social media pages directly from your app.

Customised Content & Advanced Features
Create and add pages with customised content and rich-media formatting or even add advanced features with our easy integration tools.

Administration Toolkit

Manage Users / Admin Control / Calendars / Messages + More

What We Love

Administration Toolkit centralises all aspects of your school app's administration, offering an easy way to manage user accounts and messages. Once more, with Administration Toolkit you can customise and tailor your app's features with aspects such as calendars and bookings.

The "Go-to-Place"

Make your app a central hub

A 'Go-to-Place'

Your app becomes a 'go-to-place' for parents with the latest information and news.

Customisable to Suit

Whether you want to share term dates, add parents forms or something else.


Admin Settings

Keep administration simple with our easy to use features and help when you need it.

Administration Overview
Our Administration Toolkit is all about streamlining school and administrative processes to make things simpler and easy. 

Manage Users & Administrative Control
Require users to sign up and manage accounts with administrative features including password reset and updating account details. You can also restrict areas of your app to particular users and administration groups.

Calendar & Booking
Share the school calendar and upcoming events, even accept bookings for upcoming events and appointments directly from your school app.

Multiple Users/App Managers
You can add multiple users to manage your app and assign different roles.

Schedule Notifications & Messages
You can schedule all push notifications and even Mailbox messages to be sent, making it quick and easy to reduce admin tasks.

Design Features

Visual Design / Customisable / Facebook Import

What We Love

School[App]'s easy to use visual designer makes it easy to turn ideas into reality. To help you get started there's any array of features from Facebook Page Imports to upload all your school content, to skillfully created app design templates and icons.

Design Overview
Milton Glaser once said "there are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW!", our design features focus on the latter. The School[App] platform is designed to be intuitively simple enabling the very best designs, with incredible design templates and kits to get you started we're sure you'll be able to create a true "WOW" app.

We believe that a good school app shouldn't feel like a bolt-on to your school, but part of it. Something recognisable and in keeping with your school brand, that's why we offer dozens of layouts, colour schemes and icons for the perfect school app.

Customisable App
Keep all the features in keeping with your school brand, you can change the colours and fonts throughout your app (and in our features too).

Facebook Import
Facebook Import is a great way to get started by instantly pulling in content from your school Facebook page including galleries, media, calendars and more.

Distribute & Publish

App Store / Google Play / Cloud Based / Analytics

What We Love

Distributing your app is really straightforward, by default, we'll publish your apps to our own accounts and automatically submit your app along with all the relevant and required information. Once it's published and live in the app stores you can update content on your app without requiring a store update. Changes are typically visible on your app within 5 - 15 minutes.

Distribution Overview
Once you've created the perfect school app the next step is to get it onto the app stores and make it easy for parents and students to download. Once it's there our cloud-based technology makes it easy to instantly update content on your app.

App Store (iOS)
Publishing to Apple typically takes 3-5 days to process, we'll automatically submit your app to Apple for review with the relevant information.

Google Play (Android)
Publishing to Google Play typically takes 3-5 days to process, we'll automatically submit your app to Google for review with the relevant information.

Cloud-Based Technology
We use cloud-based technology to enable you to make changes to your app on our platform, without having to republish your app. When you click 'Publish' these changes are typically visible on your app within 5 - 15 minutes.

App Analytics
App Analytics is available on the platform, this shows you the number of users and downloads as well as information on how the app is used such as popular content and areas of the app.

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