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Our Ethos

We're committed to doing the best for our clients and users.

Quality & Standards | Transparency | Integrity | Equality | Data Security & Safeguarding

  • Quality & Standards
Studentnomic remains committed to achieving the highest standards across our products, advice and services. We uphold a commitment to operate honestly and honourably in a fair and transparent manner, behaving in a professional conduct at all times and respecting the reputation of the education sector and other organisations which we liaise with.

Our products and services are safe and suitable for educational use and we endeavour to continuously improve and maintain the standards of our services both compliant with British Guidelines and Published Standards but also those of the international markets in which we operate.
  • Transparency
We are clear about the offerings of our products and services and undertake a promise to ensure the clarity of our service offerings across the company. We promise to deliver on service offerings made and to correctly and properly provide products and services as advertised.

We will be transparent with our cost structures and will ensure the truth and accuracy of any statements, releases or information provided in order to not knowingly misrepresent or provide false and misleading claims.
  • Integrity
We remain committed to ensuring the integrity of our operations and services, maintaining to the highest degree of service and integrity with our potential, current and past customers as well as others who we work with.

We commit and promise to act first and foremost in the best interests of educators, parents, learners and staff at educational establishments. We value our customers and dedication to the services we provide while upholding a continuous commitment to resolve promptly any concerns or complaints raised.

We will never offer any inappropriate financial or another incentive, whether directly or indirectly to any person in an attempt to influence the decision- making process which could affect our company, another organisation or establishment or the education industry. Further to this, Studentnomic upholds a commitment not to partake in paid educational endorsement programs and to ensure integrity through the company's marketing strategies.
  • Equality
We will strive to continue fair and transparent behaviour and promise to ensure the prevention of discriminatory behaviour in our organisation.
  • Data Security & Safeguarding
Studentnomic remains committed to data security and the safeguarding of our customers and the users who use our products both directly and indirectly. We will take the necessary steps to protect data wherever possible and to comply with data protection and regulation laws in the UK and countries we export to.

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