It needs to be said, so here it is.

GDPR Explained
The EU General Data Protection Regulations

What is it and why does it matter?

Like almost any app or web platform, our School Apps are reliant on data to carry out basic functions. This is as simple as storing a user's email address when they sign in or a contact number all considered as 'personal data'. As we process personal data to deliver our service we are required by law to abide to GDPR and DPA regulations. We keep up to date to the very latest regulations and changes, so you can be assured that your school app will always be compliant.

Quick Check-List
- Yes our Servers are based within the EU (European Union)
- We will never share any personal data without express consent
- We are fully compliant with the Articles & Regulations of GDPR

What it means?

GDPR in short means we will only collect data absolutely neccessary to deliver our service and will take all steps possible to ensure the safety and integrity of this data.

App User Rights Under GDPR
App user's which could include parents or pupils have automatic rights under GDPR to modify their personal data (such as their contact information). In addition, users have a right to access any data held about them and can do so in your school's app by going to "Sign Out > Access my Personal Data". No school action is required for parents to exercise their GDPR rights - as this can all be done within the app.

App Security Explained
Encryption & Security

What is it and why does it matter?

All our apps have to complete a series of assurance and security checks, we use the latest standards in app security and encryption. All apps are encrypted ensuring that user privacy and security is maintained at all times. It's these measures that prevent hacking, cyber attacks and malicious scams.

Quick Check-List
- Our Apps are fully Encrypted
- We use the latest standards in App & Digital Security

What it means?

Fundamentally, the processes we use mean your school's app would be no less secure than a mobile banking app.

Support Explained
Here to help

What is it and why does it matter?

Whilst we know our platform is simple to use, we also know that it's important to have someone a phone call or email away ready to help. That's why we provide free and inclusive support with all school app subscriptions. In addition, we also take care of any parent enquiries - after all, your school's focus shouldn't be on tech support but teaching, so let us take care of the support.

Quick Check-List
- We will handle any parent enquiries about your school's app
- You can email us at
- You can call us at +44 203 514 1513