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Alongside providing an effective way to share all the exciting activities taking place in your school, a dedicated school app provides a great way to add value to parents with a simple communication channel. Once more, your school app will help parents view your school as embracing the latest technology.

Kate Richards, Chief Inspector at ISI told us in 2018 that there is a "clear preference by parents for mobile communications" amongst international schools. Once more, ISI reiterated that it expected to see high levels of parental engagement. We now provide real-time analytics and data to use as supporting evidence for ISI.

Leading School Apps

Features & Functionality


Quickly contact parents on the devices they use most - easily send out alerts, messages, reminders and more.


Save time and money by centralising your school's administration, sync calendars and more using our app.

Share School News

We find the best way to keep parents engaged is to share the latest trip photos and school-news.

Easy to Update

Easily send out messages and alerts with just a tap or manage content on the go with our mobile app.


Each app is customised uniquely to your school, easily share learning resources to support pupils at home.


Your school's app is more than just an app, it's a hub to communicate, share resources and motivate pupils.

The Important Stuff

We know it has to be said (and quite rightly) - so here is all the important stuff.


Secure & Encrypted

We take security and encryption seriously, that's why we utilise the very latest standards and measures to protect your school's app.

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As well as being on hand to help support your school, we also take care of all parent enquiries with how to use your app.

Here to help

GDPR Compliant

All of our school apps comply fully with the requirements of GDPR and go above and beyond data privacy requirements.

What it means?


Leading the way forward in School Apps


ISI Ready

Be ISI ready, our apps collect real-time data with supporting evidence to use for ISI Inspections.

Comms Made Easy

Easily reach parents quickly with alerts, messages, attachments and more. Once more - it's free and included in your school's app.


We keep things hassle-free, that's why we're here when parents need help with your school's app.

Easy to Use

Easily reach parents on the devices they use most, whether that's a smartphone, iPad or tablet.

Save Money

The average school spends £50k+ a year on printing, what if we could help you reduce print costs by digitalising parental engagement?

Your School's Identity

Share your school's ethos and community spirit in an app that's built around your school's identity.

Free School Messaging Cuts Costs

Our free school messaging tools replace email and text packages and can save thousands of pounds a year.

A Simple Channel of Communication

Your school app becomes the "go-to-place" for updates and messages providing a simple channel of communication.

Reduce Administration Time

Keep communication easy and save time on processes, reduce admin by digitalising forms, updates and more.

An Engaged School Community

Ensure an engaged school community, by helping parents and carers to feel engaged with school life.


We're committed to providing a clear and transparent pricing structure.

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  • Full App-Handover & Support
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School Communication Platform

How can an app save our school money and time?

School apps aren't just a gimmick - created in the right way, they can be a powerful tool to save time and money.

We can typically save schools upwards of 65% in costs. Easily send out attachments and messages using the in-app mailbox and send quick alerts and reminders using notifications.

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Getting the most out of your School's App

Barriers to Great School Communication

Ensuring effective school communication and parental engagement can at times become an unending and uphill battle. Trying to compete for the attention of parents and students, getting messages out, read and then acted on is no easy task so how can we improve it?

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Are School App's Really, the Way Forward?

At Studentnomic we understand exactly just how much School Apps have the potential to change and improve things. Not just as a way of reducing costs and streamlining administrative processes, but also as a way of increasing parental and student engagement.

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